Growing up on a farm in central Saskatchewan I was always out hunting something with cousin Kel , gophers, rabbits ,foxes ,coyotes impatiently waiting for our 12th birthday (legal age to hunt big game with a gardian) so we could go with dad and hunt deer and go on that week long moose hunt. 

Deb and I moved to Nipawin with our three children Candy, Jeannie,and Jesse in 1989, fulfilling Rob's dream to live close to the "bush". (where Dad (Cliff) brothers Rod, Jim and cousin Kel went for a week long moose hunt every year)

I worked as a guide for my cousin Kel for a couple of years and then started Northern Trophy Outfitting in 1995.

I remember when we started in Nov. of 95 it turned bitterly cold and the mercury dropped to -25 , we had hunters sitting in loc-on stands for two hours at a time if they could stand it, and then if was back to camp to warm up, Thank goodness we have heated stands now!

The camp has always been a family operated business . In the early years my mom Anne was the main cook with my uncle Gilbert cooking a week or two ,and my dad Cliff was camp man, Rod, Kel and I did the guiding. Candy and Jeannie would help out when they could. 

In the later years my sister Pat  took the job of camp cook and her husband Ed helped with the guiding .

Once Jesse was  old enough  he would help with the guiding and still helps out whenever he can .

I would like to thank all the friends we have met in the past years for the opportunity to help fulfill their dream of taking a Saskatchewan Whitetail Buck or Black bear.

Rob Peters and Family