This Could Be You!

You are sitting in your stand enjoying the peace and silence of the north , listening to the occasional chirp of the birds and the distant drumming of a ruffed grouse, wondering if today is the day.

Suddenly, you hear the snap of a twig and your senses come alive, your heart starts to beat fast. You noc an arrow and sit alert and ready, trying to control your excitement. Without another sound the bruin appears , and looks right at you. You see his size and your heart beats faster, you take deep breaths to try and slow your heartrate.The Big Black lifts his nose and sniffs the air, taking in the scent of what brought him to this spot, then he looks away, you draw back placing the 20 yd. pin on his zone, and release. As if in slow motion, the white fletchings disappear into his vitals.

The boar crashes through the brush leaving behind the bloodied arrow and you know it was a good shot.

As your heartrate slows to normal and the silence returns you think, what a bear! what a hunting experience!


Spring hunt - April 15 to June 30 archery,muzzleloader , or rifle.

Fall hunt- Aug. 25 to Oct.14 archery, muzzleloader, or rifle.

The Black Bear population in our exclusive outfitting area is really doing well , there is very little hunting pressure and there has been a few times when twelve have been sighted at a bait site. Generally a hunter would see , anywhere from 2 to 8 bears a day.

All color phases of the black bear are found here with about 30% being either chocolate, cinnamon, blonde or anything in between,and the rest being the traditional black in color.

Hunting will be out of tripod platform stands with a curtain, or portable treestands.

Hunter success is 95%.

Here is a Typical hunting day

8:00 AM - Breakfast

1:00 PM - Dinner (Big Meal of the Day)

4:00 PM - Guide takes you to stand

9:30 PM - Guide picks you up from stand and takes you back to Camp.

10:30 PM - Light lunch at camp

NOTE - Excellant morning fishing trips can be arranged. Trophy size Northern Pike, and Walleye in the world reknowned Tobin Lake.