• Archery and Muzzleloader -Sept. 1 to Oct 31
  • Rifle -Oct.1 to Dec. 7

* Note - Archery and Muzzleloader hunters can hunt with primitive weapons in the rifle season as well.

Our hunting area is prime whitetail habitat with areas of swamp ,creeks , logging roads cutovers and reforestation plots, with a variety of different tree cover, spruce, tamarack, pine, poplar, maple, just to mention a few. The new logged areas and reforestation plots offer excellant new plant growth and natural feed for the whitetail. Whitetail hunting is over bait. We will also set up along travel routes, along rub and scrape lines . Our staff
will do what it takes to make your hunt a successful one. Our guides will be checking for hot spots and will take you to the spot with the best oportunity of taking that Trophy Whitetail.

Baiting starts in early Sept. and carries on till Dec .

Rifle hunters will be hunting out of heated 12' box stands.

Archery and muzzleloader hunters will have a choice of portable stands, ground blinds, or 12' platform stands with a curtain. The platform stands can also have a heater if the need arises. Don't forget this is Saskatchewan the weather can change in 5 minutes!

* Note - We have "warm" Body Suits available if needed.

Here is a typical hunting day (rifle)

6:00 AM- Breakfast, after breakfast make a bagged lunch to take along to stand

6:50 AM- Leave for stand with guide in SUV

12:00 noon- Guide will check in with you. (either with text, radio or visual) take you back to camp for dinner or continue hunting.

2:00 PM - If you came back to camp for dinner , your guide will take you back to your stand now.

5:00 PM - Guide will pick you up .

6:00 PM - Supper